TATA Commercial Vehicles’ commitment to increasing the skilled workforce in South Africa is matched only by their commitment to delivering quality vehicles at affordable prices. As a result of the increasing demand for qualified commercial vehicle technicians, TATA Commercial Vehicles has created a technician training academy that strives to provide comprehensive training to employees at its nationwide dealer network.

TATA Commercial Vehicles training facility offers high-level skills training to technicians and apprentices, repair shop assistants, service advisors and administrators, workshop foremen, commercial vehicle drivers, depot and dealer managers, driver supervisors and dealership warehouse staff and managers.

The facility strives to identify critical competencies required for individuals to carry out their current and future responsibilities. By providing information, developing skills and nurturing attitudes the TATA Commecial Vehicles Technical Training Facility ensures that newly attained knowledge and skills are transferred to the workplace.

  • Familiarisation of Vehicle bumper to bumper.
  • Demonstration of features of vehicle.
  • Practical driver training and on road evaluation.
  • One long road trip taken with full load to evaluate driver techniques and to ensure driver knows how to drive economically.
  • All these at customer’s choice of place and at not NO cost to customer.
  • MERSITA Accredited training centre