Genuine Parts

Tata Genuine Parts – If a Tata Vehicle requires a part, whether it is for general maintenance, service or repairs, the value for money replacement is a Tata Genuine Part. Tata Genuine Parts provide the longer upkeep and faster uptime of the vehicle compared to other non-genuine options available in the market. Every part is not only specifically designed for Tata Commercial vehicles, but also has to pass constant quality control checks to ensure that, with genuine TATA parts, every vehicle remains as safe and reliable as the new one. The manufacturers of counterfeit or fake parts are not concerned with the safety of the driver, other road users or damages on the vehicle. Such parts are made from sub-standard materials, which may last only a short time and cause concerns to the longevity of the vehicle. The short-lived parts, in-turn cause frequent failures and longer down times. Tata Genuine Parts are available all across Southern Africa through the authorized associates, present in all the nook & corners of the country.