Full Maintenance Contract


Predictable and flexible

TATA’s Full Maintenance Contract offers you the benefits of leasing — predictable maintenance costs — without sacrificing the benefits of ownership. The TATA Full Maintenance Contract allows dealers to structure a plan to suit your unique application and operational application requirements.

What it all means

By calculating the expected maintenance costs over the period we are able to offer a much-reduced service rate tailored to your specific application and operational requirements. This allows for regular, preventative maintenance, which will significantly reduce the risk of breakdowns and subsequent downtime. More effective maintenance also lowers your running costs, making your equipment more dependable.

Keeping you in control

The fixed monthly or once-off upfront cost of this comprehensive maintenance plan, built specifically to suit you, allows you to accurately forecast your maintenance costs. This means that you don’t have to worry about escalating input costs when it comes time for the next service of your vehicles. Predictable operating costs combined with the peace of mind that our nationwide dealership network offers, make the TATA Full Maintenance Contract a must for any business.

Plain and simple

• Predictable maintenance costs mean budgeting and forecasting is a breeze
• Reduced maintenance costs, eliminate high-cost repairs
• Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance reduces the risk of breakdowns and downtime
• Eliminate warranty hassles
• Nationwide dealer network can schedule maintenance on your routes

All of this means a fixed running cost per kilometre. It’s a numbers game and it all adds up to TATA.

For enquiries and further information please contact your nearest TATA dealer.